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Default What does it all mean??

Just thinking... I know you can max your manager, coach, and stadium out at 50/50, but what about your player? Is there a point when I can't possibly train my guy any more? Is there a ceiling, or is it feasible my guy eventually have a 800% goal shot?

I know everyone is competing to be the best, highest ranked, etc. but is there an end to all this? Does the game culminate on a certain date with ranks and records set in stone? And if so, does a "fresh" season start up with everyone scrambling to train from 0% and form new teams?

I think that could be cool, with all stats recorded and available for viewing by everyone in future games. Awards could be given to players for various accomplishments (most goals aka the golden/silver/bronze boot, best goal against average for goalies, most shutouts for goalies & defenders, most red cards, most assists, etc.)

Just a thought...

Let it be known that I love the game as it is, just had some questions and thought I'd share them.
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If there's a ceiling, it hasn't been discovered yet.
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