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Great post. Allow me to comment on a few different sections.

Originally Posted by M_B View Post
They will never be able to balance star vs non star players as they've been trying to do and they've made the game less enjoyable for everyone in the process.
Playa isn't trying to make the game perfectly balanced, just balanced enough between the two groups. The do deserve perks. After all, their continued purchases fund the development of the game.

Originally Posted by M_B View Post
Mad Cow is indeed useless so they've lost their second most purchased item in the game behind the +25% power juice...
Completely agree that the economy is in dire straits. On the second part of that statement; heavy users spend a lot individually, but there are far fewer of them than the casual star users. Because of this, the single star items tend to be the most purchased.

Originally Posted by M_B
Again, the Admin's or community managers or whatever should be posting polls on every server (on the homepage not the forums, this way everyone gets to share their opinion) to get feedback from the community on basically every aspect of this game in order to make improvements but they're not and that's one of the biggest reasons these new patches have and will continue to fail. They have no clue what the community wants and seemingly have no clue which direction to take their game, it's a mess.
Tools of this nature are something us Community Managers would love, but they are still in development inside Playa. As such, I've had to be reactionary to the wants and needs of players. I collect and catalog all of the complaints, bugs and requested features that come up each week. The most pertinent issues are reported immediately, while the rest are reported on a monthly basis (or two weeks after a major patch).

That being said, Playa uses game data to determine which aspects of the game are being underutilized, not being used as intended or need attention.

Originally Posted by M_B
Given that Koopa is the one testing this game on the US server (as a non star buying player but strangely he's not also testing as a high star volume player) it would suggest they really don't have the slightest of clue what the new system has done to star buying players because they never had a clear understanding of them under the old system.
Playa has an undeclared player that is a heavy star user checking that end. Let's not forget that the North American server is one of many spread across the globe. There's A LOT of data collected from the various CoMas in all of the regions.
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