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Post SoccerStar’s Continuing Endurance (and More) Revamp

First off, I’d like to clarify that the patch is going to be released “as soon as possible.” After the unannounced patch and accompanying hotfix that came over Memorial Day Weekend, the hiccups it caused and the drastic changes the upcoming patch will contain, Playa is looking to be more cautious with this patch.

The patch contains two fleshed-out categories and a minor change to the current Food Shop. To align the Mad Cow Energy drink with the reduction in expected working time (more on this below), the beverage will no longer reduce working time, but instead give you cash. A Mad Cow indeed.

Before we head to the laundry list of updates, revamps, tweaks and bug fixes; The League system should working as described in the v2.0 patch notes.

  • Training will be redesigned and integrated in to an all new “Job Center.”
  • A “Training Show” will allow players to show off their skills, earning Fame.
  • Players will choose between three training options offered by your coach.
  • Players can find items while Training.
  • Being a true SoccerStar (seriously!), players will get paid to train, instead of having to pay.
  • Working will no longer reduce a player’s Endurance.
  • Some energy drinks will increase the cash received for working.
  • Working has been reworked to take over the former Sleep mechanic. The new idea of working will allow players to do have productivity while they sleep in real life. Players can set their SoccerStar alter ego to work from 1 to 10 hours.

  • New “Join a Club” function to allow players to easily locate clubs looking for their position and skill level (You can still find one the old-fashioned way if you chose).
  • A “New Game” button will be added to the club screen. This will enable players to watch the game before seeing the results.
  • The Manager grants clubs a 1% chance per level to receive twice the cash for training instead of a work payment.
  • The Coach grants clubs a 1% chance per level to double the training results instead of lowering the price (ie earning .40 skill instead of .20 skill).

  • The Trophy shelf formerly in the Hotel will be temporarily removed (along with the Hotel itself). The trophies will make a return in their own room, accompanied by the addition of achievements. This will come in a later patch.

Thank You:
  • All players will be given 50 to thank each of you for your patience, support and understanding as Playa revamps the game and continues to squash bugs.

Those of you brave enough to tackle German can experience the new changes on Germany’s Server 2. This is NOT a beta realm, but an actual live server.

I tried to head off as many questions as I could, but I am sure there will still be plenty. Please use this thread to discuss the upcoming changes. I will try to address the concerns in a timely manner.

As with any patch, the inclusion of any feature and details are subject to change.
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