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Superstar Stella
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Wink An improvement from s&f

I have to say this game is a great improvement from their first game Shakes and Fidgets (s&f).

Just to name a few improvements:

1) A much bigger chat window.
2) When you send a mail to your club, you get the mail you just send in your inbox, so you know the club has received it and you get a saved copy of the mail you sent.
3) You can re-watch matches - the videos for the last 5 matches of your club are saved. This way if you miss one or two matches you can always re-watch them.
4) Opponents are automatically picked by the game. This means no more bullying of smaller clubs by bigger clubs. Overall I think it's fairer and the ranking system feels more real.
5) Some tactical formation is needed during matches, so it does not only depend on high skill levels.

I've been playing the game for only 3 days. I'm sure I can think of more later lol.

Anyway good job guys!
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Disregard: Misread

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Yes that improvement was required
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