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Default Holy Truncated Icosahedron, Footballers! A new League System is coming soon!

The most requested feature in the short lifespan of SoccerStar is a league system built around the Premiere/MLS leagues. That request is being granted. The new League System has already been deployed to the German market, Playa Games' testing bed, which means the content patch will deployed to all other realms in the next few days.

Excited yet? Good. On to the details.

The new system will see each server split in to nine different leagues (North America still has one server). Each league will be comprised of a number of groups, with the better leagues having few groups. Each group will have 18 teams.

1st league: 1 group = 18 teams
2nd league: 3 groups = 54 teams
3rd league: 9 groups = 162 teams
4th league: 27 groups = 486 teams
5th league: 81 groups = 1458 teams
6th league: 243 groups = 4374 teams
7th league: 729 groups = 13122 teams
8th league: 2187 groups = 39366 teams
9th league: 6561 groups = 118098 teams

A league will be 17 game days long, with each team playing two games per day, one home and one away. This means you'll playing every team in your group once at home and once away from home. Teams will receive three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss.

The team with the most points at the end of a season will move to a better league (1st league notwithstanding), while the three lowest scoring teams will drop to a lower league. When a season is completed, the points will reset and a new season will begin.

If a club is deleted or otherwise disbanded, a computer-controlled club will take its place.

Below is a screenshot of the new system's user interface (in German). Chat about the content patch in the Official Discussion thread.

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