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nNelg 20.10.2012 09:00

Raining Stars Weekend
The days are getting shorter, leaves are turning color, and stars are to be found everywhere! This weekend there will be extra stars to be found during training, so hit the pitch and keep your eyes peeled.

nNelg 08.12.2012 08:57

Raining Stars Dec 8-9
Put on your slickers and go puddle-jumping, it's raining stars this weekend.
Look carefully during your training sessions to find as many as you can!

nNelg 09.03.2013 08:49

Raining Stars again 2013/03/09-10
I thought it was going to cloud up and rain but it turns out those are bonus stars coming down. Grab em while they're hot 'cuz they will only be around until server reset Sunday evening.

nNelg 04.05.2013 07:54

Raining Stars Weekend 4-5 May 2013
May the Fourth be with you this Stars Weekend!

nNelg 28.06.2013 23:21

To welcome the monsoons to southern Arizona and New Mexico, it is raining stars this weekend, 2013-06-28 and 29. So come play in the rain and scoop up a fistful of stars.

iTZKooPA 26.07.2013 23:19

It's back! Doesn't matter if you're leftie or rightie. It's a Bonus Star Weekend. Starting tomorrow, July 27 and ending Sunday, July 28, all purchases will come with 20% more of the pointy objects that rain from the sky.

nNelg 24.08.2013 09:34

To celebrate the end of summer, it is raining stars! This weekend there is an increased chance of getting a star during training. We do it this weekend so that you can relax Labor Day Weekend. :)

nNelg 19.10.2013 09:25

Ah, the signs of Fall, leaves turning yellow and falling to th- wait, those are not leaves. It is raining stars!

This weekend there is an increased chance of finding stars while training. This will last until the server reset Sunday evening.

nNelg 07.12.2013 09:16

A Winter Storm of Stars

That's what I am calling this weekend as you have a greater chance of getting stars while training. This opportunity lasts until server reset Sunday evening so train hard now while it is a starry... day?

nNelg 11.01.2014 11:23

Star Storm Jan 11-12
No, that is not a falling satellite, it is another star-struck weekend with extra stars to be had during training sessions. I already scooped up a few and have barely started my regimen for the day.

Do not miss out on this great opportunity to grab some stars virtually gratis!

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